Noteworthy Reviews is a collaboration of four UGA students interested in music. With a wide range of interests between them, Noteworthy Reviews’ content encompasses an array of genres and musicians from the Athens, GA area.

Parys and Muffin 003Parys Grigsby — I’m a senior magazine journalism major at the University of Georgia hoping to experience music around the world through an Air Force career.  Hip-hop and R&B are my favorite genres, but being in Athens for the past 4 years has allowed me to experience and enjoy realms of music I would’ve otherwise been uninterested in.  Raised in a family of music lovers, I’ve enjoyed music since I was young enough to call records “big CDs” and wonder where on Earth my Father had found them.

A-1manda Dickey — I am a second year graduate student at the University of Georgia studying health and medical journalism. I am an avid music fan and in my spare time play piano and bass guitar. I grew up in a household surrounded by musicians – with a mom who teaches piano and a dad who writes, sings and plays guitar. Music is my drug of choice!

KyleSKyle Sandhage — I’m a senior studying magazine journalism at the University of Georgia. I’ve grown up in a family of musicians: my mom played trumpet, my dad plays piano, my sister is a music teacher, and my brother plays violin. I myself have been playing various instruments since I was 5-years-old (starting with piano, then violin, guitar, and drums). I play guitar and sing in a local band, and thoroughly enjoy the immense depth of the music scene here in Athens.

420782_2448190360379_381320104_nClaire Barron– I am a senior at the University of Georgia studying publication management and new media. I have taken full advantage of the Athens music scene and am an avid frequenter of venues like the Georgia Theatre, New Earth, 40 Watt and Green Room. I love all kinds of music, but I have especially grown to love local bands during the past four years in this college town.


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