What I’m Listening to While Waiting for the New Boards of Canada Release

by Kyle Sandhage

In anticipation for the new Boards of Canada album I’ve gone back and started listening to a slew of bands that I associate with the period of my life known as “those two years when I was really into Boards of Canada.”

proem-socially-inept-album-art-6935Proem is a glitch-heavy, chilled-out electro artist whose 2004 album Socially Inept often kept me awake on otherwise silent drives and train rides to and from Atlanta. The melancholy nature of his music really strikes at something deep in my often bitter, grumpy core. Tracks like Deep Like Airline Failure and Carpark Kitten are quite cathartic for me.
Conelrad+lastfmLikewise, conelrad is another musician whose electronic-heavy music is quite relaxing to casually listen to. Much like Proem, however, the Cold War theme he applies to song titles and occasional sound bites create a heavy atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. I love it.


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