MiMOSA Droppin’ That Bass from Cali to Athens

Dj Tigran MiMosa

By: Connie Lee

Bobbing heads, raised hands and dancing bodies were illuminated with fluorescent strobe lights from the stage where one man controlled the music with the touch of his fingers. No words were needed. The energy in the room built with each drop of the bass that vibrated the entire arena.

DJ Tigran MiMOSA, a native of California, traveled across the States to bring fans an electrifying night where music captured our bodies and minds. He did just that in Athens on February 21 at our beloved Georgia Theater. MiMOSA’s music hits on experimental hip-hop, dubstep and glitch-hop. His auditory experimentation has been well received across the States including Athens. MiMOSA has been dropping beats since the young age of 17. He knows what he’s doing.

MiMOSA was my first electronic show. I wasn’t expecting the most spectacular, crazy shows like the ones Bassnectar or Pretty Lights would perform. Those shows have an amazing stage production with bright light shows. But this show was a great first. In the midst of the show, I looked around to take it all in while I moved my body to the high-pitched sounds and dropping beats. The bright neon colors from the large screen in front of Mimosa threw shades of yellow, lime green, lavender, pink, electrifying blue and red on the crowd. Everyone was illuminated.

The audience was dancing hard when the bass dropped and swaying when counts of mellow beats were played. No one stopped moving which mirrored well with MiMOSA. His energy lit up the stage. He was dancing as hard as we were to his music. This energetic performer was weaving in between the equipment to jam out while giving Athens shout-outs. That night, he was definitely going hard for his fans.

The crowd was pleased with his choice of songs performed. Loud cheers filled the arena when he went from the mellow, upbeat “Psychedelic Stereo” to his new song “Booty drop” where indeed many booties dropped it low when the bass dropped multiple times. The majority of the show spotlighted his new album “Future Trill” where he again gave his fans an auditory experiment that moved us from ears to toes with multi-dimensional levels of pulsating beats and styles. I wasn’t updated with his new album before going in so it was a surprise to hear new songs. After a few phrases of his “Swrv,” I went right back into dancing my all, moving my hips and bobbing my head with the sound of a deep voice and beats that didn’t stop.

MiMOSA came back for an encore after the crowd screamed for him for ten minutes. This last song brought us to a rapid buildup, climaxed into a great beat drop and finished with cheers, screams and applause.

Leaving MiMOSA and Georgia Theater behind, my legs were aching from dancing so hard. My ears were still ringing from the loud, but welcomed bass. I left the venuewith a relaxed feeling of a night well spent with friends and energetic music that was still echoing in my ears while walked through downtown in the pouring rain.


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